Introduction of Kampo counselor

Based on counseling that creates a sense of unity, we will thoroughly support both physical and physical health.

"We will face the body and mental troubles together and lead to improvements based on expertise and skills of Kampo and Oriental medicine."

"Kampo counselor" plays such an important role.
Here are some detailed profiles and messages of the Chinese doctors, Lee Bunkon, who will be the Kampo counselor at our hospital.



In Chinese medicine, nature emphasizes a large universe, and humans emphasize the closely relationship between the cosmic, human and nature. In addition, it uses the four -wheeled and gomi of Chinese herbal medicines derived from flowered grass trees in the natural world, and leads to health and leads to health.
Kampo medicine is effective for symptoms derived from constitution (coldness, weak constitution, etc.), disorders that do not appear in tests, and various diseases diagnosed by Western medicine.

At the Toyo Isshin -do Kampo Pharmacy, we asked for details on your physical and physical problems and pains, and after conducting a diagnosis, consultation, interviews, clutical examinations, etc. We provide herbal drugs according to one person.

We hope you will help you with your healthy life.


Born in Shandong, China

While being familiar with martial arts and Tai Chi, I became interested in spirit, breathing, and mental and physical health and went to Oriental medicine.


Graduated from Shandong China Pharmaceutical University

Get a doctor's license in China. After graduating from graduate school, he was involved in medical treatment in internal medicine, respiratory department, and ICU.


First to visit to Japan

Since then, he has been teaching Oriental medicine, Kampo, Qigong Tai Chi, etc. for medical institutions in Japan and China, and during the education period. He is currently a Chinese medicine counselor, while working at our hospital, as a professor at the Cantonese clinic in Guangdong Province, China.

First visit to Japan, Survey to Tokyo, Survey to the Surgery, Liaoning Chuo Pharmaceutical University Japanese School Agast (Pharmacy Management Matsuyama) Worked at the China Qigong Surface Institute, mainly Kampo consultation, Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine basic theory, practical skills, Qigong Taiju fist. In charge of guidance.

Currently working at Ikshin -do, Kampo Pharmacy and Professor Special Contract Professor in Guangdong Province, China




Repeat dialogue to regain your health

As the first step in improving your mind and body, we will provide careful counseling.

In counseling, based on the Oriental Medical Examination Law "4 Examination, Hearing, Examination, Examination, Clinical Examination", and "Five Elements", the cause of trouble, priority on problems to be solved, and types of crude drugs to be provided. We will consider the amount etc.

The point of reviewing daily life, the point of reviewing everyday life, as well as the "degree of pain and discomfort" and "when troubles and troubles appear", as well as everyday lifestyle and how to work on work. We also provide advice on measures that can be taken from that day, such as posture and breathing method.

Counseling is not only for me to understand the patient's condition, but also for patients to face their own health. Counseling repeatedly, explore the causes of troubles and troubles together, and regain your healthy body and mind.


Original Chinese medicine for each patient

漢方のまずい、苦いイメージを一掃し、広く多くの方へ味わって頂きたいと、何度も試食を重ねて 作っていきました。 漢方食材で作ったお茶とスープの美味しさを楽しみながら、美しく健康になりましょう!


"Providing Chinese herbal medicine" is not the only job

My role as a Chinese medicine consultation is not only "providing the best Chinese medicine".
For example, if the cause of the upset is in the "posture", we will teach you how to improve your posture. In addition, we may teach the right breathing technique and recommend acupuncture and moxibustion treatment after identifying each person's condition.

Anyway, I want the patient to get well as soon as possible. To that end, I have generously tell the patient the knowledge and experience I have learned and experienced for nearly 40 years. Review your lifestyle, change the way you walk, prepare breathing ... If you have trouble and troubles that can be solved with such small efforts, you do not need to take medicine.
In China, in Japan, I have been sincerely facing patients and have smiled many people. We will continue to provide advice and support for the "unity" with patients.