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At Toyo Isshin -do, we have a variety of Chinese medicine products, but it's hard to find a Chinese medicine that suits you.
So by answering some questions, we will propose a Chinese medicine that is perfect for your worries!

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What is Toyo Isshin -do?

Through dialogue, face each person's body upset

The human body is ten colors. Each has different constitutions, life, and preferences. It is natural that the treatment is different for each person. That is our basic philosophy.

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A really effective Chinese medicine.

At Toyo Isshin -do, a Chinese doctor (Chinese doctor), who has 28 years of clinical experience, carefully asks about the symptoms and constitution of the worries, and provides a Chinese medicine that blends herbal drugs that match each person. 。


Introduction of Kampo counselor

Original blended Chinese herbal tea, Kampo sweets, bath salts, etc.
All our products are packed by hand, handmade and hand -handed, with all sincerity in the store.

Here are some of the kampo counselors who are doing their formula and pharmaceuticals.

Introduction of Kampo counselor


What is Oriental medicine?

Western medicine and Oriental medicine have different approaches and ideas for illness and injuries, but there is no difference in both "support human health." It is important to face illness and injury from the perspective of both the Western and the West, rather than just giving priority to one of the ideas.

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