Tangling tea ◎ For neck and shoulder stiffness, muscle pain, joint pain!

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We combine herbal drugs that loosen the body with acute symptoms, relieve muscles, expand the range of motion and stop pain.
Recommended for those who are suffering from muscle pain such as neck and shoulder stiffness and pain in limb joints.

A clear mixed tea based on tea.

Under the supervision of the home Chinese doctor, pharmacists handmade one by one, and all authorities have done all the authorities.
Please enjoy the warmth of handmade together with Kampo tea.

Tea, soshi, Keishi, kankyo, kanzo

"How to boil tea >>
1. Put one pack in 500-1000 mm in water.
2. Boil the water and boil over low heat to your favorite thickness.
3. Take out the pack and transfer it to another container.
You can enjoy it even if it is cooled.
★If you want to enjoy the effects and flavor of Kampo, please boil over low heat for about 1 hour.

"Internal capacity"
10g x 2 packets

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