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Check your constitution from the perspective of Oriental medicine

In addition to "bloody blood", we will counseling based on the idea of ​​"five -line theory", which classifies all things in the world into five categories: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water.

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Five -line theory

The five -line theory believes that everything is balanced by the five elements helping each other's properties and canceling them.
In Kampo, this five -line theory has been applied to the physiology and pathology of the human body. The five organs are divided into five kinds of human body functions, which are compatible with Thursday, Saturday, gold, and water.
Oriental medicine believes that the work of "liver", "heart", "spleen", "lungs", and "kidney" is important in order to make "qi, blood, and water" smoothly. These organs are not equal to organs in Western medicine. Each has its own perception of Oriental medicine.

Main balance and create a healthy body

In addition, "qi, blood, and water" are considered to be affecting each other, and it is said that one of them is abnormal, causing the overall balance to be lost. It is thought that the balance will be lost, and it is important to keep the balance of "qi, blood, and water" in order to maintain a health condition.
Among them, "ki" is said to be the highest priority. "Ki" is the source of vitality, and as the word "sickness is gone", it is considered that it is important to first manage "ki".

Oriental medicine is considered that human beings can maintain a healthy state for a long time by preparing the function of these five organs and having enough "ki". Western medicine and Oriental medicine have different approaches and ideas for illness and injuries, but there is no difference in both "support human health." It is important to face illness and injury from the perspective of both the Western and the West, rather than just giving priority to one of the ideas.