Princess bathing agent

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With the image of a hot spring loved by Yang Guihime, one of the world's three most beautiful women, plenty of hergic drugs that warm the body, such as ginger with hot water.

Since it warms from the core of the body, it is highly recommended for those who are worried about coldness and swelling, those who are worried about rough skin, or those who are pregnant.
Also accompaniment of metabolism improvement during a diet.

Under the supervision of the home Chinese doctor, pharmacists handmade one by one, and all authorities have done all the authorities.
Please enjoy handmade warmth along with bath salts.


<< Ingredients >>
Kouka, Ginger, Kei, Gayou, Chimpi

How to use bath salt >>
1. Put one pack in water 500-1000㎖.
2. Boil the water and boil over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes to the desired thickness.
3. Put the pack and the boiled liquid in the bathtub, stir well, and then take a bath.
★Adjust the thickness and time according to your preference.
★After using it once, you can use it on the second day by drying it and drying it in a well -ventilated place.
★It is not possible to wash with the remaining hot water using this bath.

"Internal capacity"
30g x 1 package