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The harvested jujube was dried and made into dried fruits.
It is a sweet, small, but delicious jujube that has a response.

"One -day meals Three -jujube end of life"
(Prevents old by eating three jujubes a day)
There is a word.

It is said that it has a warm medicinal effect of supplementing "ki" and "blood", and it claims many effects such as eliminating cold, improving anemia, and improving immunity by creating and controlling blood and water.

<< Ingredients and effects >>
・ Potassium… Swelling eliminated
・ Iron, folic acid ... Prevention of anemia
・ Dietary fiber ... Relieving constipation
・ Zinc, magnesium, vitamin P ... hormonal balance adjustment
・ Niacin ... Holding hangover prevention
・ Protein ... beautiful skin, glossy hair, etc.

"Internal capacity"

* Please be careful as the seeds are included.

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