[Kampo soup] Kenyushikyu

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Just put one bag in the usual soup and boil it to become a Chinese medicine soup.
It is about 2 people in one bag.
Please enjoy your favorite ingredients.

It contains a herbal drug that improves appetite and improves digestion and absorption and enhances basal metabolism. It warms your body and promotes blood circulation, so it is also recommended for those who are worried about coldness and swelling!

Under the supervision of the home Chinese doctor, pharmacists handmade one by one, and all authorities have done all the authorities.
Please enjoy the warmth of handmade together with Kampo tea.

Natsume Ginger Renniku Hokushajin Citrus Boiled San Yakusashi

<< How to make Chinese medicine soup >>

〇 Recommended ingredients: Chicken radish Chinese cabbage shiitake mushroom carrots, etc.

1. Put 1ℓ of water and one kampo soup in a pan.
2. When the water boils, add your favorite ingredients and simmer for about 30 minutes.
3. When the ingredients are soft, season with salt and pepper to complete the Chinese medicine soup!
★If you boil the Chinese medicine soup and it becomes softer, you can eat it as it is,
Rarely, the hard species of rennic are included in the characteristics of the product.
If you are worried about the taste and texture, put it in a tea bag before putting it in a pot.
Please remove it after boiled,
Please be careful when you enjoy it.

"Internal capacity"