Seinjuku Rakuten Tea ◎ The sultry season, the dullness, tiredness, and thirst for thirst!

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This season, when the sultry days continue from the rainy season to the summer.
We combine herbal drugs that will pay such heat.
Recommended for summer batter countermeasures, sluggishness, and thirst for thirsty throat.

The product that was popular last year was upgraded and reappeared!

Rooibos -based non -caffeine kampo tea.
The mouth is very clean with a refreshing aftertaste.
You can enjoy it even if it is warm or cool!

Under the supervision of the home Chinese doctor, pharmacists handmade one by one, and all authorities have done all the authorities.
Please enjoy the warmth of handmade together with Kampo tea.

Rooibos, red beans, Ubai, Sanzashi, Kangzo, perilla, Hokushajin, Yokuinin, Mung Beans

"How to boil tea >>
1. Put one pack in 500-1000 mm in water.
2. Boil the water and boil over low heat to your favorite thickness.
3. Take out the pack and transfer it to another container.
You can enjoy it even if it is cooled.
★If you want to enjoy the effects and flavor of Kampo, please boil over low heat for about 1 hour.

"Internal capacity"
10g x 2 packets